5 Reasons Why Santa Claus is Project Manager of the Month

Doolphy ChristmasThis December we want to send our congratulations to the Project Manager of the Month: Santa Claus! No doubt, he and his team are among the busiest people on the earth these days, with a very stressing and very close deadline approaching.

If you wonder if Santa Claus can actually be considered a project manager, just go on reading and check the following 5 reasons why giving out presents around the world has all the features of a project:


  • Planning. Santa Claus has a delivery date that he cannot change. On the basis of it, he has to coordinate the available time and resources. In addition, he has to estimate the actual amount of time that he will need in order to perform each task and establish priorities and milestones
  • Management of budget and expenses. We want to emphasize another element that he has to bear in mind and be very careful about, the budget. It’s very important that Santa Claus manage his expenses in a correct way, including additional costs like his new suit or the pile of reinder’s food. That’s the only way in which he can obtain presents for everyone ;).
  • Management of projects and tasks. His main project is to deliver the presents. We can divide it up into tasks, like reception and reading of the letters, getting the presents, packaging, transport, etc. Most of the tasks are dependent on others. Everything has to be ready just in time for Santa Claus’ journey.
  • Team Coordination. In this case, the team is very important, as it is in almost any other project. Santa Claus’ work is not a single man labor. It would be impossible to perform all necessary tasks without the assistants who work hard every day and night. They make true the wishes of everyone who trusts in their project manager.
  • Customer support. In this case, the customers are the millions of people who will receive their presents. It’s very important that they know their customers’ needs in order to satisfy them. Remember to make it easy for them by sending your letter ;).

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities between Santa Claus and a project manager. Project Management is closer to our day to day reality than we imagine. Doolphy wants to be your support in this exciting world every day.

The whole Doolphy Team wants to wish you merry Christmas and we hope that Santa Claus bring you everything you wish ;).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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