5 Reasons Why Doolphy is on Social Networks

Doolphy on the Social NetworksNowadays, if you aren’t on Social Networks, you don’t exist, at least in Internet. But, it’s also true that it’s necessary to know why we want to appear there.

In Doolphy, since the 1st day, we didn’t have a doubt about the fact that the users of our (your ;)) project management software are one of the pillars of this adventure.

Bearing this in mind, here you have the five reasons why we want to be present on social networks:

  1. Immediacy. Quickly having the newest version of the application is one of the benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service). And user support should have similar nature, which is allowed by social networks.
  2. Proximity/Transparency. In addition, thanks to them, we can be closer to you and we can inform or answer to you about any issue related to Doolphy, in real time. You can find us on social networks, 24 hours, 365 days a year.
  3. Community. The big family of Doolphy users gathers together around social networks. Every time you ask a question, in addition to get your problems solved, you help other people with the same questions. We learn from you each single day, and listening to you is one of our favorite tasks. That’s why the application grows with all the feedback that we receive from you.
  4. Learning. We think that there are 2 important fields of information regarding Doolphy. On one hand, it is the application itself. As we’ve said, thanks to your feedback about doubts and suggestions, we all learn the how to’s of Doolphy. On the other hand, we have the broad field of project management. Thus, we also make use of social networks to share links that are closely related to this subject: productivity, management, leadership, etc.
  5. Information. We announce all our news and promotions in Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn, so you’re the first ones to know about them! ;)

Where can you find us?

Doolphy is on the following social networks:

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