Doolphylights II: Time Reports

Many times, from Doolphy, we have remarked the importance of time and the best practices necessary for its management.

Doolphy offers Time Reports to you, a key feature to instantly and globally analyze the effort that you have charged on all your projects in which you’ve been working in.

Time chartDoolphy time reports are composed by 3 elements:

1. Time chart: thanks to it, you can compare, in a glace, the evolution of your projects on a time range, to evaluate maximums and minimums and to easily detect the deviations that are generated by the charged time on each project.

2. Time summary table: this is helpful for accounting the total and subtotal daily time of each task of the selected projects. Also, it shows the total time for each project and the total project count.

Time summary table


3. Detailed time summary table: clicking on the ‘see details’ link, a new table is displayed with the total effort that users have daily charged on their tasks. This way, you can easily check out who has charged more or less effort.

Detailed time summary table


In addition to the Time Report, Doolphy offers other 4 kinds of reports which you can use to analyze other key variables of project management. We will analyze them in future posts.

What do you think about our time reports? Have any suggestion?

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