New Year, New Project Management Application!

Hi everyone,

Almost a year after we released the Doolphy beta version, we bring you important changes to our online project management software, focusing on two aspects:

  • New user interface
  • New project section with enhanced features

New user interface

We have renewed all the visual style of the application and organized Doolphy sections into tabs. Now, you can find the most frequently accessed sections to the left of the screen, while those necessary for your account administration are to the right. All this has been designed with the aim of making  a more usable and intuitive tool.

By the way, pay attention to the blue color. Do you notice anything different? ;-)

New projects section

We can summarize  this section changes in the following items:

  • More information on the progress of all projects. Now you can quickly see how they evolve, and reschedule if necessary, in order to meet project objectives. In addition, at a glance, you will know if a project is within budget.
  • Archiving projects functionality. Thus you can avoid mixing the projects that you are working with and those already closed and/or completed.
  • New design for the time sheet. Registering the time it takes to do a task doesn’t have to be a task in itself any more ;-)
  • Possibility to sort tasks according to their priority. Don’t delay the most important ones and avoid procrastinating.

All this has been possible thanks to you and the feedback you give us every day. We encourage you to continue doing so, either through this blog or through the channels you already know:

Thus we start a new stage of changes that includes the development of new features. As you see, the New Year arrives full of new challenges for us that we face with great enthusiasm and will. Now it’s a good time you login, or register if you have not done so yet, and see all the benefits Doolphy can bring to you! ;-)

We are eager to know your opinion, what do you think about the new Doolphy? Which do you think should be the next improvement?


Up With Your Projects!

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