2011: 11 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve the Management of your Projects


2010 is in its way out and 2011 is almost here. Now it is the moment to think about how this year was and to gather all the resolutions for a new period full of new projects.

Resolutions 2011

We want to take this opportunity to share with you our new year’s resolution list to improve how projects are managed in 2011:

  1. Wait until January, 2nd, and take a well deserved rest on the 1st :lol:
  2. Take a look back and assess the good and the bad from 2010.
  3. Actually “manage” all projects – they don’t get managed by themselves :)
  4. Set clear, measurable goals for all projects and for 2011 as a whole.
  5. Choose the best methodology for each kind of project.
  6. Correctly plan all the steps, milestones and tasks.
  7. Communicate and share with the team!
  8. Manage changes that happen during project development.
  9. Continuously watch its evolution.
  10. Use an online tool to manage projects. Doolphy? ;)
  11. Be passionate about the projects. For us, this is the most important thing.

And an extra one: Don’t miss any of the previous 11 ones! :)

We encourage you to add these resolutions to your own list. Do you have any other to suggest to us?

For the Doolphy Team, 2011 is full of enthusiasm and great challenges in helping you with the management of your projects and the achievement of your goals. Keep an eye to our blog, Twitter or Facebook to stay tuned about all the new stuff we are preparing for next year. In 2011, the Doolphymania goes on!

We hope you have a 2011 full of happiness and, of course, successful projects!

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