How Our Logo Was Created: Innovating From The Beginning

Hello everyone!

Today we want to switch our usual topic on project management and surprise you with some images that speak for themselves. In order to do so, we are going to disclose one of our best-kept secrets, the process of creation of our logo :)

It all started last December. We wanted to find a new corporate image to begin our new stage, which would be consistent with our values of innovation and globalness. Undoubtedly, it was an amazing experience in which all team members contributed. It was a moment in which we could feel in the air one of the distinguishing features that would mark the future of Doolphy, teamwork as key to success.

A little imagination, freshness and fun brainstorming did the rest. Then we had our new name, but what about the logo? Do you want to see how it was developed step by step? Don’t miss it! You would never imagine what it is possible to do with some playdough…

We are looking forward to your comments, don’t be shy! ;)


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