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As we mentioned in a > Doolphy Survey” href=”http://blog.doolphy.com/?p=214&utm_source=110610_OnlineProjectManagementSoftwareSurveyResults&utm_medium=Doolphy_Blog&utm_campaign=110610_OnlineProjectManagementSoftwareSurveyResults” target=”_blank”>survey that we conducted a Little while ago.
The main goal of the survey was to know first-hand what you need from an on-line project management tool, and also whether or not you are finding it in Doolphy.

First, we wanted you to tell us which features you value the most in this kind of software. From the list we offered you, these are the ones regarded as more important:

Then, we wanted you to tell us what are the features within Doolphy that you like the most. The results were the following:

From these results, we know what aspects of Doolphy we have to focus on. For those of you that are more impatient, some of the improvements that you suggested are now in process of being developed. Together with the new features that will appear in the future, these improvements will make the application a better fit for your needs.

Lastly, we wanted to know how you regarded Doolphy in comparison with other available products, and we found that you regard us very favorably!

No doubt it was a great idea to carry out this Doolphy-Survey. Many thanks to you all for sharing with us your opinion about us and help us to continue growing.

What do you think about the results? Do you agree with them? Leave a comment with your opinion and we will take note of it ;)


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2 Responses to On-line Project Management Software Survey Results

August 31, 2010 ·

Costs Control is really the most valuable feature of an online PM application. Besides, Scheduling and Planning capabilities are critical to successful project management.

I’m glad that most people share the same opinion, and the given chart has proved this.

P.S. Unfortunately, I didn’t take part in the Survey… :( Hope next time I will!

August 31, 2010 ·

I totally agree with your opinion, to succeed you need to know how to plan and control the costs, and for this it is best to use the reports to get an overview of the project development.

Don’t worry, we will inform you when we publish a new survey.

Thanks for the comment!

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