Doolphy Grows Up

Hello everyone!

Today Doolphy is going to take a great step forward, which we want to tell you about :)

Our beta period is over and now you can enjoy the new Doolphy. We have added a new file manager to the application, coinciding with the release of the price plans. In our website, you can find all the information about the new Free, Basic, Premium and Enterprise accounts, so you can choose the account that best suits your needs according to the maximum number of active projects and the storage capacity of the file browser.

All existing beta accounts have been updated to the new Free Account. For all those who haven’t yet been able to see the benefits of using an online project management tool, we inform you that the Free account allows you to work in one project, use 100 MB of storage space and register unlimited users  for no charge.

The new file manager will allow you to use Doolphy as a tool for collaborative work. Users can easily share files within or accross projects, multiplying the benefits of using the application.

We want to thank you all for all the ideas and suggestions that we have received during the beta phase, and we encourage you to keep sending us your comments and reviews either through this blog or our contact email, which can be found here.

What new features would you like to see in Doolphy? What improvements do you want to suggest for the application? What do you think about the current version of the application?

With your opinion, Doolphy grows. We will keep you informed ;)


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Víctor González
May 18, 2010 ·

Hi Randy! We’re actually reworking the app design, including the font colors. In addition we’re also improving the English translation of the site. Thank you for your suggestion. Best regards to all of you and thank you for the feedback.

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