Doolphy Beta Keeps Growing Thanks To You

Project Management Sotware : Doolphy

Hello everyone,

It’s been 2 months and a couple of days since we launched the beta version of Doolphy and you could start enjoying our on-line project management tool for free.

We want to use this post to thank all of you for the great reception that the application has had and, in particular, for the great feedback that we have received. It is because of this feedback that we can add useful new features, improve the existing ones and make the app fit your needs.

Like you, other users have already seen how, thanks to their requests and suggestions, some issues and errors have been fixed and improved in the tool. Among those we can point out small bug fixes in the generation of charts, which didn’t show the proper selected data, and improvements on the stability of the software. We have also renamed some forms fields and buttons to help to make clear their function. In addition, some changes addressing usability issues have been done regarding graphic design (menu size, icons, color schema), content (table information, form structure, …) and some small maintenance changes that improve the user experience, and make Doolphy an easier and more intuitive tool.

For new users, some improvements have been made to the registration process. We are trying to make it as fast and easy as possible with innovations in data safety and validation, using among other things, a new captcha system (ReCaptcha), so that you shouldn’t have any problem when activating your account through the confirmation email that you receive, and you can start enjoying the tool as soon as possible.

Due to the large volume of suggestions to improve Doolphy that we have received, we have been forced to prioritize them so that our technical department can continue improve the app. Included among the major features that we will launch in the future, we can announce an enhanced report system, better charts, the addition of chat rooms and wikis, and improved usability (Drag & Drop, improvements in design, …). We will keep you informed as they get released.

We encourage you to continue testing Doolphy and tell us what you think about all the changes that you will be able to see in the next days. Your opinion is very important for us and we take it very seriously when improving Doolphy. It helps us to find answers about how to solve all the problems that you find everyday when controlling and analyzing all your projects and tasks.

If you want to know about all the developments that happen in Doophy follow us in this blog and in our profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned ;)

Best regards,


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