The Doolphy’s Blog is born!

Hello everyone!

We are proud to announce our new blog, The Doolphy blog!

After many months of hard work, the Doolphy Project Management Software ( is very close to hit the market. As we have been doing so far, we still believe in web-based tools. In that sense, Doolphy, our new product, is based on Egestia, our previous project management software that we developed a long time ago. This time has allowed us to identify the actual needs that you may find when you use software to manage your projects of both personal and professional.

Doolphy improves, renews and optimizes all Egestia’s features. Our goal is to launch an usable, participative and safe application that is suited to your needs. With Doolphy you will manage and track your projects and control their associated costs. We want to give you just the best tool that provides you with the best chances of success for your projects.

Through this blog, we will offer information about the new improvements in Doolphy as well as all kind of articles related to the world of SaaS (Software as a Service), methodologies in project management and new on-line technologies applied to enterprise project management.

We are very interested in knowing what are your needs, what you think and what you want. We want to grow everyday with you. That’s why we are releasing our application free of charge in the next days, and we hope that we can get your opinion very soon.

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